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richer brand experiences.

Creating bigger and bolder brands.

Greatness is our obssesion. We build value driven brands that outstand in a highly competitive market with unique character through captivating experience.

Research. Communicate. Grow.

Don´t just do! First, sit and think. Our interdisciplinary team loves to start with a comprenhesive investigation on you, your competitors and trends heading towards a strong strategy that will lead your organization´s message into a powerful growth tool.

Empower your company to be a game changer.

Change the way thing are done. Bolder brand image and focused business strategy are the key pieces to make your company shift from the common grounds to create and lead new markets.

Engage markets telling your brand story.

Bring emotions into your business and get closer to your audiences by creating positive interactions with your costumer. Let your brand be a experience creating value.

+ Strategy

We translate knowledge into a meaningful action leading us to build brand changing and value creating strategies.

+ Marketing

We explore new creative ways, different approaches, making imagination become useful and creating heart driven ideas according to your needs.

+ Online

Always together, online y offline represent the present and future, massive and customized.

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Latest from our crooked minds

María de la Huerta

A Gastro Lab, a place were many experiments happen, that´s María de la Huerta. Located in El Cañón del Combeima, Tolima, central Colombia, María is both a restaurant and cafe rescuing tradicional recipes with local ingredients as well a natural products factory with a strong social background, supporting farmers and women in the area.

"Mi land´s voice is my voice"

We love investigation, we love process, and as a result of brainstorming countless ideas, we centered our work in creating a character whose features portrait and embody an all colombian woman, her nature, beauty, skin and happiness The result, a brand identity we are proud to share with you. www.mariadelahuerta.com


One place for your five favs

An oldie but goodie. Brand identity design for a website and app in which the user could rank his five favorite items in a category and later share them with his peers.

Don Pedro Artesanal

Inspired on its founder own character and motivation, our challenge was to create a complete visual identity system that could outstand among products in its category. Our key: flavor, which we transmitted though colorful label design, along with Don Pedro´s big smile.


Space + light

Inspired in a "wire lamp", lines and intersections inspired us to create this corportate identity for a norwegian architectural lighting design online magazzine.